martes, 14 de julio de 2009

If you live with ethics, man, it's hard to be rich.

My eyes just want you
My hunger needs you
Don't bother to exist, we'll just eat you
It's not your fault that you're on our road
The freak ones are there to justify our goals

We’re Meatiful people, we’re Meatiful people
We’re all relative to the size of our egos
We can see the forest is for greed
We can't smell our own meat on our knees

There’s no crime, don't discriminate,
We ate every moral sucker
That was in our way

Sweet you, what do we eat?
Something beautiful!
Something free!
Hey you, why are you trying to be clean?
If you live with ethics, man, it's hard to be rich

Rawwar will live in every host
It's easy to see which one of us eat most

the tree-hugger people, the tree-hugger people
It's as utopist as the size of our giggle
Capitalism has made us this way,
Old-fashioned veganism won’t stop us any way

Omnivorous Zombies.


The Beautiful People.
Marilyn Manson.

to be continued .....
continuará .....

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